About Us



ASPAC organizes and executes EPC/Turnkey (Engineering–Procurement–Construction) projects covering the engineering, procurement and installation of equipment as well as the associated construction work. ASPAC builds new systems, rehabilitates less-performing ones and carries out network extension works on distribution networks to exceed existing population demand.

As an international company, ASPAC is active worldwide and employs a multicultural workforce of highly trained women and men. These professionals all possess a strong work ethic and timely deliver high quality engineering to our clients.


Everything you should know about us

ASPAC enjoys solid partnerships with first class banks to structure bilateral supported OECD-compliant buyer’s credit covered by top rated Export Credit Agencies. ASPAC identifies the best terms and conditions available on the market to and provide its clients with offers attractive financing to enable them to invest in infrastructures with the ultimate objective to enhance their its clients operations and boost their revenues in an environmentally friendly fashion.

Thanks to its extensive experience, ASPAC is able to accurately determine the best investment needed to maximize the funds allocated to its clients. This approach leads to a significant reduction in operating costs and allows an optimal return on investment.

ASPAC is committed to a better environment and strictly respects international and local environmental standards. As an environmentally responsible company, ASPAC develops and applies internal measures to also contribute to the global efforts to limit the impact of human activities engendered pollution on the public health.

ASPAC is a proud signatory of the Sustainable Development Goals Belgian Charter.

Our Services

ASPAC International is a Belgian EPC (Engineering-Procurement-Construction) contractor with extensive expertise in the water sector. We engineer and offer the following solutions to public utilities and private industries in the following areas:

• Drinking Water: from catchment all the way to service connections (including collection, treatment, pumping, storage and distribution).

• Waste (Resource) Water: from collection to discharge (including processing, treatment and pumping), and transformation into fertilizer and energy.

• Reduction of NRW (Non-Revenue Water): to increase the revenues from the distribution of drinking water (reduction and control of commercial and physical losses).

ASPAC also delivers Special Engineering Projects (SEPs) to improve the performances of its clients and to meet their particular requirements. These SEPs includes:

• Production of chlorine through electrolysis of ordinary salt.

• Specifically-engineered treatment processes (e.g. high iron content removal from raw water).

• Equipment intelligent condition monitoring and control systems (ASPAC Live).

• Desalination of sea and brackish water.


Our Mission

To bring fresh drinking water to more children, women and men and to give them access to adequate sanitation every day, both sustainably and at the lowest possible operating cost.

Our Vision

Fresh drinking water and adequate sanitation must be made available to every individual anywhere in the world like air is, directly.

Our Objectives

To design and construct innovative and reliable state-of-the-art water supply and sanitation systems.