ASPAC Clients Embark on Inspection Tour

Sep 4, 2019 12:11:24

The team used those 5 days visit to test KSB's high-pressure MTC (Multitec) pumps as well as gain first-hand knowledge about the quality of other equipment provided in the framework of the Mavoko Water Supply Project.

Having arrived in Belgium, the tour kicked off at Nivelles, Belgium where Travex - dealers in metal & plastic works - is located.  
It was followed by the inspection of Xylem Water Solutions, a world-renowned supplier in water solutions, where filters underdrains are going to be provided.

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Also on the itinerary were visits to the offices of Hydromobil (raw water intakes), KSB (pumps) and Charlatte Réservoirs (anti surge vessels) all situated in neighboring France before returning to Belgium and visit BBSO, a panel builder. The highly informative tour finally rounded off at ASPAC Intl Head Office in Sint-Genesius-Rode.

The entourage departed for Kenya on Friday 30th August 2019.