ASPAC International Flags Off Kribi Project

Oct 10, 2019 14:05:43

Officials and representatives of the Port Authority of Kribi (PAK), on Wednesday 09/10/2019, met with the ASPAC International team, headed by the CEO – Jacques Massart - in their Belgium Head Office, to finalize on agreements for the start of the Drinking Water Supply Project of the Port Authority of Kribi and its Dependencies.
Also in attendance was SHER Ingénieurs-Conseils – the project consultant.
In the context of the Drinking Water Supply Project, it aims to produce and distribute drinking water in the locality of Mboro where settlements related to the port are located. The outbuildings cover approximately 3000 hectares. It is also part of the development of a declared public utility area (DUP) covering 26,000 hectares.
The Port Authority of Kribi (PAK) is a public company whose geographical area covers the maritime area of Kribi. Kribi town is located in the Southern Region and is the chief town of the Ocean Department. The PAK's mission is to manage, operate, maintain and maintain the port of Kribi and its outbuildings.”
The project would involve the construction of a new drinking water supply system, which includes:
• A water intake in the river Lobe,
• A water treatment plant with a production capacity of 5,500 m³/d,
• A pumping station,
• A treated water supply pipe of more than 10km,
• A storage tank of at least 2,000 m³,
• And a secondary and tertiary primary network for the port area.
ASPAC International, a company specializing in turnkey drinking water supply projects, has structured the financing of this vital project and has been selected to carry out the work of this 36-month project which would serve as its 8th project in Cameroon, in addition to its existing 10 years of project execution in the Central and East African region.

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