Non-Revenue Water

Non-Revenue Water (NRW) is the difference between the volume of water supplied into a system and the volume of water billed to customers by the water service provider.

The Fight

As population pressures increase causing greater demand for water supply Non-Revenue Water is becoming a global concern. It is estimated that the global cost of NRW losses per year is $14 Billion.

The water is lost through leaks, bursts and overflows; however, the losses can also result from data handling and billing errors, theft and operational requirements. The water lost cannot be billed for and hence is a loss for the Water Service Provider. Lost revenues through leaks, bursts and unbilled consumption reduce the available financial resources while increasing operational costs. Reduced revenues and increased costs lead to further deterioration of the water supply networks as the utility enters a detrimental cycle.


Causes of NRW

• Inaccurate meters

• Fraudulent meter readings

• Leaks, Bursts and Overflows

• Theft of water

• Utilities’ operational purposes



ASPAC LIVE combines LIVE Platforms with LIVE Data that gives you complete control and oversight of the Water Supply Network. ASPAC International realized a need to focus on NRW reductions to ensure that the investments in water supply infrastructure are not lost through deteriorating networks and out of date systems. We realized that a smart platform to identify and quantify the losses is necessary in addition to any repair and upgrade works. It is important that we tackle all the causes of NRW with a complete solution.



The first step to building the right tailor-made solution is to understand the problem. During the diagnosis of the network a thorough IWA Water balance will be conducted to quantify the existing situation and condition of the network. In addition to the Water Balance, select Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will be selected based on the desk study of the network. Using the collected data and information a tailor-made solution will be created to tackle the critical concerns in a manner which efficient and pragmatic.



Using our experience and earned expertise in the design of water supply infrastructure NRW Reduction Engineering will be undertaken to; Map the network onto a GIS database and operationalize an integrated commercial platform, create and calibrate a hydraulic model of the water supply network, Design District Metered Areas, Implement and optimize the pressure regulation, Plan and simulate the modifications and extensions of the water supply network. The design will, be focused on achieving the predetermined performance targets as dictated by Financial Engineering also completed.



Based on the diagnosis and design we procure, construct and install the best systems and equipment’s to achieve the intended NRW reduction targets. We pride ourselves on using the best installations to complement the highest standards of installation works.



• Reduced NRW to levels that are operationally sustainable

• Established District Metering

• Pressure Regulation

• Reduced bursts and leaks

• Reduced billing errors

• Reduced theft of water

• Control over information of the network

• Control over data

• An understanding of the performance of the water supply network in real time

• Water Service Provider is financially healthy going forward and does not require additional investments to develop production facilities immediately

Our Thinking

Our philosophy at ASPAC is that before spending valuable resource on new systems we should optimize the systems we have. We have found a way to transform our philosophy into a solution. That is what our NRW reduction embodies.