Wenchi Water Supply Project


Wenchi Water Supply Project

As the choice contractor to design and build the Wenchi Drinking Water Supply system, ASPAC International would build:

  • A concrete weir on Tain river
  • A raw water catchment on Tain river
  • A new treatment plant (12,500 m3/day)
  • Over 14 km of pumping and treated water mains
  • A metallic elevated storage tank, and
  • Over 50 km of distribution network


Upon completion of the project, the total supply capacity will be twelve thousand cubic meters (12,000 m3) per day, which will be adequate to meet the projected water demand of 2040 for an estimated population of one hundred thousand (100,000) people in Wenchi and nearby towns such as Akete, Asuano, Awisa, Beposo, Droboso, Koase, Nkonsia, Nwoase, Tainso, Wurompo and Yoyoano.

  • Date Started: 2021-08-05
  • Date Completed:Ongoing Project
  • Location: Wenchi, Ghana
  • Category: Construction
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